Reference documents

Below a list of reference material is shown which has been used prior and during the development of the emulator:

Emulation report KB/NA 2005 - v1.4, 20 June 2005, PDF
Report on the results of a preliminary research to emulation, held in 2004/2005.

User Requirements Document (URD) - v1.1, 21 February 2006, PDF
Describes the requirements for Dioscuri.

Architectural Design Document (ADD) - v1.0, 3 March 2006, PDF
Describes the system design for Dioscuri.

Object Design Document (ODD) - v1.1, 25 June 2007, PDF
Describes the Object design for Dioscuri and explaines the modular structure.

System Maintenance Guide (SMG) - v1.2, 5 July 2007, PDF
Describes how Dioscuri can be maintained during and after development.

The PC Reference Guide - not available yet
Describes in general terms how an x86 PC works and summarises all important references to other sources.