Roadmap for Dioscuri

Date creation : 29 January 2007
Date last update : 18 March 2010
Organisations : National Library of the Netherlands, Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands


  • CD-ROM support
  • Sound support
  • Store/restore state functionality
  • Introduce shortcut keys to menu items
  • Screen data extraction support (VGA dump/text dump)
  • Metadata for each module based on metadata schema
  • Improve exception handling model (take care of CPU exceptions)
  • Upgrade to Intel 80286, 16-bit, protected mode (Windows 3.x capable)
  • Floating point unit (FPU)
  • Redesign CPU architecture to follow prefetch, execution, flag settings workflow
  • Upgrade to Intel 80386, 32-bit, paging, FPU (Windows 95 capable)
  • Improve GUI and use a better status update mechanism between GUI and modules
  • Module library and software registry
  • Network support
  • Remote emulator control
  • Wrapping emulator in service-based architecture