Package dioscuri.module.ata

Class Summary
ATA An implementation of a ATA controller module.
ATAChannel Class representing a single ATA channel
ATAConstants An class holding the constants associated with the ATA controller.
ATADrive A class representing a ATA drive and parameters.
ATADriveController Class representing the ATA drive controller.
ATAStatus Class to hold status flags of a ATA channel
Atpi Stores attributes of the ATPI.
CDROM Class that stores CDROM attributes.
DiskImage A class holding a IDE disk image.
SenseInfo Class to represent Sense Info.

Enum Summary
AscType Enumeration class for Asc Type.
ATACommand An enumeration representing all the ATA commands.
ATADriveType An enumeration representing the types of drives available for the ATA AbstractModule.
ATATranslationType An enumeration representing the translation types for a ATA drive.
SenseType Enumeration class for sense type.